Forest Field

hotelli kemi

Imagine walking the beautiful trails in a slightly misty, fresh forest on a summer day. You arrive at a stunning meadow opening up in the middle of the forest. You feel the warm embrace of the summer on the green open meadow tucked away in the middle of the green lush forests. You hear the birds singing and see the butterflies floating around you and you can feel the summer with all of your senses.

The decor of the room is inspired by famous Finnish forests. This is the ideal room to de-stress yourself, as it has been proven that calm forest walks lower your blood pressure, ease up stress, help your immune system and ease possible allergies.

Twin room (18 square meter) has been equipped with two single beds and a comfortable arm chair as well as with a LED-television and a Chromecast- digital media player that allows you to stream media straight from your smart devices directly on the television screen.

Four private lockable, nicely designed and fully kitted out toilets and shower shared with only five other rooms.

The room, located upstairs on the first floor has a stunning view into our private mature park.